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Important Announcements

Inclement Weather Advisory

Whenever bad weather strikes, 
please bear in mind that UPS & LTL shipments of product may be subject to weather- and transportation-related delays. Pick-ups at some Diamond Drop Points may also be affected.

When delays are possible or confirmed, Diamond will notify affected customers via email and provide updates on the status of their shipments as information is received in hopes of minimizing any inconvenience.

If you have additional questions regarding this information, please contact Diamond’s Retailer Services Department 


Diamond Scheduled Web Maintenance Changes to Saturdays

Please be advised that routine weekly maintenance for Diamond's websites now takes place on Saturdays from 8:00 p.m.-9:00 PM ET.

Please note that, during this period, Diamond websites and services may be temporarily unavailable.

IMPORTANT: Changes to ComiCare Ordering

Where it makes sense, and with the exception of bulk-titled items, ComiCare pricing has been updated to match the sellable units you use to sell to your customers (i.e. priced per pack instead of per each).

Diamond Announces Ironguard Supplies

Ironguard offers a complete line of card protectors including semi-rigid card sleeves, top loader card holders in various sizes, and one-touch magnetic card holders, with additional product lines on the way.


Register for Diamond's PREVIEWSworld PULLBOX

Open to your customers now! Sign up now for Diamond’s new service, which allows your customers to use the PREVIEWSworld website to place orders directly from your store and gives you a suite of easy-to-use retailer tools to manage your pull-and-hold services! Click the headline & log in now for details!


New to Order!
Tamagotchi Uni Purple Version

Flash Movie Batman ArtFX Statue

Marvel X-Men Rogue Rebirth Bishoujo Statue
Tamagotchi Uni Purple Version Flash Movie Batman ArtFX Statue Marvel X-Men Rogue Rebirth Bishoujo Statue

APR238832J, $13.50
Orders Due: 6/26/23

APR238880Z, $130.00
Orders Due: 7/10/23

APR238881J, $65.00
Orders Due: 7/10/23