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Important Announcements

Diamond Extends Deadline for February Online Initial Orders

To alleviate the inconvenience to customers created by the recent spate of inclement weather, Diamond is extending the deadline for placing February 2015 online initial orders.

Initial orders from the February PREVIEWS may now be placed via Diamond’s Retailer Services Website by 5:00 AM ET on Monday, March 2.


UPDATE, 2/24 – Shipping Advisory: Olive Branch Inclement Weather

Due to inclement weather in the Memphis area last week, Diamond's Olive Branch Distribution Center has experienced delays in shipping product. The area is still expecting adverse weather conditions throughout the week. If these conditions affect our operations, we will post an update or email you a Retailer Advisory as quickly as possible.  

Please bear in mind that any weather-related impact will affect the nation’s entire transportation network. Therefore, we encourage you to remain in contact with your carrier to monitor shipments.

For quick access to tracking information on the UPS website, we suggest accessing the Shipment Tracking page in the My Account section of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website. Once there, simply click on the tracking number of the shipment you wish to monitor and you will be taken to

We thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you have additional questions regarding this advisory, please contact your Diamond Retailer Services Representative.


Diamond Holiday Shipping Schedule: April-October 2015

Click here to view details on how your shipments will be affected during upcoming holidays from early April through mid-October.

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